Don't Let Overgrown Trees Obscure Your View

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A tree can be a beautiful feature on your property. But if you let your trees grow out of control, they can quickly make your property look unkempt. Open up the view on your property by calling Stoyko's Tree Service for tree trimming. We're based in Holden, Missouri, but we serve the entire surrounding area, including Lee's Summit.

Do you have a lot of trees in your yard? Sign up for regular tree pruning to keep your property looking vibrant during every season. Call 816-838-7042 now to learn more about the benefits of tree maintenance.

Pruning your trees keeps them healthy

Pruning your trees keeps them healthy

Tree pruning isn't just for looks. Keeping your trees neat and trim is good for their health, too. Our tree care experts will get rid of any branches that are dead or dying. Weakened limbs can spread decay to the rest of the tree.

When we're done pruning your trees, we'll haul away the debris so your yard looks better than ever. Schedule tree trimming in Holden, MO by reaching out to a pro from Stoyko's Tree Service now.