Get Rid of an Ugly Stump in Your Yard

We make it easy with stump grinding in Holden, MO and the vicinity

That stump in your yard isn't just ugly-it's a hazard. It makes it harder to mow your lawn. Even worse, stumps are a breeding ground for destructive pests like termites. Don't let an unsightly stump ruin your yard. Call Stoyko's Tree Service for stump grinding in Holden, MO. We offer stump removal in the entire surrounding area, as well.

What is stump grinding?

What is stump grinding?

If you want to get rid of any trace of a stump in your yard, schedule stump grinding. Using this technique, we're able to get to the root of your stump to make sure that your tree never grows back. A stump removal expert from Stoyko's Tree Service will use a grinder to break the stump down into small pieces. We'll dig a few inches deep into the earth to ensure that all of the stump has been removed.

We'll cover up your stump, and soon that stump and the roots surrounding it will decay. You won't have to worry about regrowth when you choose Stoyko's Tree Service for the job. Call now to schedule thorough stump removal in Holden, MO or the surrounding area.